Burglars Need Your Help!

Isolated robber hiding behind a empty white signThey don’t know which homes are occupied and which are not. See, they like to do their dirty work with as little fuss as possible thus knowing which homes are empty is of major importance to them. I know this because one ASG Security customer who works in corrections let me in on a secret.

Delinquents often gather in groups with brochures in their back pockets and go cherry picking on doors to knock on. When a home looks empty they knock repeatedly for five minutes or so until they are sure no one is home, to the passerby it looks like someone is offering services or perhaps they planned an appointment with someone. Once they are sure no one is home the breaking and entering begins.

Check out this alternative method burglars use.

So how can you help them?

Social media of course! Your facebook post with vacation plans or when you’re out late “checking in” or out of town can be a calling card for someone to see you as easy pickins.

Don’t believe me? Check these guys out, robbed over 18 homes blind. All thanks to facebook!

Smart Burglars Check The Tags.

Our phones are tremendous devices that allow us to interact like never before. Unfortunately they also do amazing things that make it amazingly simple for someone to know where we are (more importantly where we are not) by automatically geotagging social media posts, pictures, and updates.

The picture you upload could contain longitude & latitude coordinates that can place you as accurately as your master bedroom or living room. See these guys for tips on how to disable geotagging: Disabling Geolocation Features

What to do?

Be smart about what you post. Sounds simple enough but it takes a little work, for example checking in to your favorite restaurant may be fine when your spouse or someone else is at home but checking in to your favorite pub at 1:30AM may open up a can of burglar worms. Similarly, vacation and out of town information should be kept private so as to not make your self a lucrative target. Finally, avoid location based apps (like foursquare) but if you’re not able to do so then keep shared information private among trusted friends.

Also, never forget to arm your alarm system every time you leave your house! Tell your friends about your alarm as well, you just might find yourself not paying for an entire year from referral fees. Drop me an email at jalaniz@asgsecurity.com for any help


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