Home alarms, a sound investment?

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So, is it? I know many times after purchasing a product I feel a bit of buyers remorse. However, security is unlike most other products out there.

For instance, a brand new 60’inch television may provide additional entertainment but is the high cost of the entertainment worth the trade of your hard earned money? If you decide to forgo the television your only loss is that of enjoying your programs on a new bigger screen. It’s not so big of a deal. However, when it comes to security choosing not to invest or trade your cash for alarm services the loss could prove to be substantial. Can we know for sure that your alarm can reduce the likelihood of a burglary and with it vandalism and loss of life? Absolutely! Dr. Simon Hakim of Temple University published findings that in summary:

  • Alarms, when used in combination with deterring, preventative, and managerial measures, reduces the likely hood of a break in by a whopping %66.2
  • Average loss with out an alarm in the study was $5,343. With an alarm the loss was only $3,266. A difference that pays for the alarm easily.
  • Homes further away from main roads who have a higher chance of being broken into can reduce their chances of being broken into by 5x simply by having an alarm.

Such an investment is definitely a slam dunk. Although, I think you already know this and would be reminded of it every time you would arm your system before leaving your home, getting ready to call it a night, or leaving the kids home with the nanny. That peace of mind is priceless.

Contact me, we can get you there affordably and quickly, frankalaniz@thatsecurityguy.com








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