Security Blues


I went to get a haircut recently (by the way, I recommend Claudia at All Star Cuts in Edinburg if you ever are need of a haircut yourself) and I overheard my barber mention problems with her garage door. As it turns out due to a vehicle accident she wasn’t able to close it. I mentioned to her that she shouldn’t worry, after all she has an alarm. She could program the system to protect the interior of her home for the time being. Well, as it turns out, it wasn’t active nor was it being monitored. However, this was not because of lack of action on her part. No, instead the person she relied on to provide her a security installation was unreliable and wouldn’t deliver the proper services she requested and at this point sorely needed.

I wasn’t completely surprised that someone who works in the security industry would make such large a blunder. One that was causing her to feel worried about her home on a daily basis as she went out to work, vacation, and whatever other circumstances caused her to be away from home and family. Unfortunately many technicians or sales people who have a few short months of experience under their belts will decide to become an “authorized” dealer and work under the umbrella of a national company name for brand recognition. Instead of getting big brand name service and quality of products/work you get a person wearing a shirt with a brand name who is a contractor, or an “authorized dealer,” who may not meet the standards you would expect. This was the type of security contractor she had done business with.

I would hate to give you the impression that all authorized dealers and contractors provide bad service. This is simply not true, but the quality of service and work is often all over the place and more volatile than dealing directly with a security company who has years spent building their brand recognition and have had to maintain quality standards to prevent the erosion of that same recognition. In the following blog post I’ll provide you some pointers so you won’t make the same mistake and end up with the security blues!

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