5 Reasons Surveillance Makes Sense


Caught on cam, author of video says thief is most likely in prison now.

Our local nightly news often gives us a glimpse into how helpful a surveillance system is to the well prepared shop or home owner. No doubt they have invested in their security before and more than likely also have an alarm. However, the addition of the surveillance system allows them to not only further reduce property theft/vandalism through combined efforts with their alarm but now proof of the crime and footage of burglars in the act is possible. The great thing about this type of equipment is that one can place them in the interior or exterior of a building or home protecting property and loved ones in any area. Let’s now begin with the 5 reasons owning a surveillance system makes sense.

*Constant monitoring of vulnerable areas. Areas like your driveway,front door, alley facing windows, or your patio provide thieves an easy way to enter your premises. A vandal proof camera may be just the deterrent needed to send them on their way to an easier target. If deterrence fails, you now have possible make and models of the burglars vehicle, descriptions of the burglars through footage, and are exponentially increasing the odds of capturing the burglar along with getting your valuables returned.

*Door knockers are more cautious under cameras. While we don’t always know who is at the door requesting our presence a well placed camera at the front door can ease our fears and cause a would be home intruder to think twice. Answering the door to strangers is not a convenient experience but sometimes necessary when you have no visual access to your front door and someone is knocking, the camera will allow you not only a visual of who is there in real time but always record their actions and any questionable behavior should you conveniently experience theft soon after. Again, a camera in a vulnerable area is great deterrence.

*Evidence. Can you prove it was a neighbors troubled teen or a questionable neighbor himself that broke into your property? Often, we may see a crime committed with our own very eyes but unfortunately without any solid evidence the results of a police report will not provide the desired results. Plus, making accusations with out any substantial proof may leave you in an unsavory position with a criminal who lives nearby thus evidence is crucial in making sure the theft does not occur again nor bolsters the confidence of the thief.

*It saves money. In the business world this is a no brainer, but how does it do so for your home? Well, if you have ever had to replace anything stolen through your insurance agency you’ll have come across deductibles. They’re not fun to pay nor would they be necessary if more precautions were taken to prevent a burglary. The investment in a surveillance system will pay it self many times over even if it prevents just one burglary or home invasion.

*Babysit babysitters. Okay, ideally we don’t have trust issues with the people we charge with the care of our children BUT the old adage “better safer than sorry” is a powerful sentiment here. What a surveillance system provides us is great peace of mind knowing our children are well cared for and receiving the treatment we expect and pay for in our abscense. You also have the options of covert cameras so that the care taker may never have a clue that you are keeping an eye on your children.

There’s plenty more reasons to have a surveillance system but these are some good general reasons investing in a system just makes sense! Contact me anytime with questions or for quotes frankalaniz@thatsecurityguy.com


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