Why Being the First to Dial 911 Matters


The good guys always get the bad guys right? Not quite. We all know of someone who got the short end of the stick because justice didn’t quite work out as one would have imagined it would. It’s important to have faith in the system but at the same time we must realize that things don’t always go according to plan.

Here’s a scenario: Let’s say you’re on your way to work and as usual you take your regular route which includes a stop at a local coffee shop. Unknown to you at this point today will be out of the ordinary. As you exit your vehicle, instead of the fresh aroma of java being the first thing to liven your groggy morning, your met with the cold glance of a shady figure who angrily waves a sharp steel blade in your direction.

Typically this is where one hands over wallet and car keys, but you being the upstanding citizen who is prepared for such situations and has a concealed handgun license draws a weapon and the flabbergasted crook runs away. Shaken, you try to minimize the shock of what just happened and enter the coffee shop to try and regain some normalcy.

Someone anonymously calls the police and reports a person with your description, your vehicle model, and the fact that they (that means you) have a weapon. They’ve reported that this person attempted to mug them. Suffice to say that when the police cars show up at the shop you’ll be glad to see them so as to report the incident since you didn’t call 911 after your quarrel with the mugger. Unfortunately, they’re looking for you and will approach you as a weapon wielding mugger!

Could this really happen? Well, in a situation such as the one mentioned it’s a he/she said vs a he/she said. Unless there is any proof to the contrary the police will act upon what is reported. Let’s say for example someone attacks you and you defend your self so well you leave the other person severely injured. This injured attacker is the first to contact the police and claims you attacked them with out being provoked, think about how difficult it will be for your to defend your self with out any evidence! The fight doesn’t end after the altercation often court and other legal proceedings come after the event. The early bird gets the worm they say, and unfortunately we often take the first person who gets to us with a story for granted. The authorities are no different, so please, when an incident happens be the first to contact them.


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